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IT Financial Management

Define, design and deploy ITFM strategies that drive IT costs down and increase transparancy.

Technology has changed everything, including the way you do business. That is why it is critical that you manage IT like a business and at the same time making better investment decisions, based on cost reduction and value creation.

The goal of Financial Management for IT Services (ITFM) is to optimize the cost of IT Services while taking into account quality and risk factors. The analysis balances cost against quality and risk to create intelligent, metric-based cost optimization strategies. Balancing is required since cost cutting may not be the best strategy to deliver optimum consumer outputs.

Centrax Partners with Nicus ITFM to deliver and optimize your IT services Costs.

Insights tailored to your exact needs

Defining and communicating the Value of IT for your organization can be a challenging undertaking, so let Centrax and it's partner Nicus help you with insights tailored to your exact needs.



Invest wiser and maximize the value of your technology with complete financial visibility.


IT Leaders

Demonstrate the value of IT and support CIOs as integral strategic partners.



Remove inefficiencies and guesswork with advanced technology that won’t get in your way.

ITFM Products to Expand What’s Possible.

From Bill of IT to cost transparency and benchmarking, our products are designed to maximize your technology, empower your teams and elevate what IT can achieve.

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ITFM Platform

Defining Key Value for ITFM

ITFM helps build credibility for technology initiatives while yielding powerful insights for how to spend smarter over the long-term.


Optimise Costs

Get control over costs, build defensible IT budgets and analyze spend.


Expand Transparency

Contextualize technology costs and demonstrate the value delivered.


Guide Demand

Help the business make wiser IT investment decisions and automate Bill of IT to foster accountability.


Fund Innovation

Redirect underutilized resources to fund new initiatives without any additional spend.